Morada La Silvestre Cabañas

Morada La Silvestre is located in Villa Parque Siquiman, Punilla department. Strategically located in picturesque landscape Route 38, 10 km from Villa Carlos Paz, 15 km from Cosquin, 5 minutes Pekos, and 48 km from Pajas Blancas Cordoba Airport. You can make all tours in less time and in an accessible and convenient way. You're going to stay in sublime tranquility with the mountains, and close to everything. Healthy climate, ideal for people with respiratory diseases such as asthma. Accompanied only by the chirping of birds, in permanent contact with nature, horseback riding, hiking or biking. A few minutes walk from Lake San Roque you can fish, sail or windsurf and also you can enjoy the rustic beauty of the creek Las Mojarras, with its clear water basins. Breakfast ,wifi and parking is free. Also you can taste our delicacies, lunch, snacks, dinner and desserts. Morada La Silvestre has a room with thermal massage stretchers with Jade stones, to enjoy a pleasant relaxation. Free services 24-hour medical emergency are available. It is important to know, in Cordoba should drive with the lights low, the use of seatbelt is obligatory and the blood alcohol tolerance is 0. Here you will find quality and warmth: we are Laura and Gustavo and we are interested in your welfare… We will wait for you!